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HKSTP-PolyU Tech Incubation Fund (TIF) Scheme announces Year-2016 awardees

We take pleasure to announce the awardees of TIF 2016 as listed below: (in alphabetical order)

Alps Robot Limited -

Decoration robot performs multi-functional tasks for the labour-intensive construction industry. The innovative robot can save construction costs and shorten the completion time of a building decoration project. Equipped with an arms walking system, the robot can move construction materials such as cement bags or debris both up- and downstairs even in rough terrain environments. The robot can also be utilised as a semi-automatic technology tool to help lay tiles. It can also be monitored remotely in real time.

CoachUs -
CoachUs is an online sports platform that allows members to look for a suitable sports coach or personal trainer from a pool of sports professionals and athletes for various sports including running, triathlon, cycling, tennis and swimming. The platform displays coaches’ profiles and availability for online booking and payment. Members may also enjoy a discount rate for featured classes. By promoting sports in everyday life, CoachUs empowers people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Defocus Incorporated Soft Contact Lens (DISC) for Myopia Control
Vision Science and Technology aims to commercialise myopia control defocusing lens with intellectual property owned by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The defocusing contact lens is one of the most effective myopia control products, with minimal side effects. It can reduce myopia progression up to 60% and benefit myopia patients from age 6-18 who are in a progression period, and highly reduce their risk of developing high myopia. - provides an innovative channel for cloud business card creation, coupled with a personalised Photo QR Code. It has advantage over traditional paper-based name cards in terms of ease of exchange, dynamic content support and environmentally friendly production. Photo QR Code also supports URL re-direction and dynamic information embedment, creating a worldwide community for business network sharing as well as an ecosystem for big-data collection and sharing.

iMonster -
iMonster is a mobile game that extends from the virtual world to reality. Players have to collect monsters by visiting particular places and connect with other players to complete tasks. It requires players to go outside and explore in physical locations, which provides a new game experience. The game includes the application of augmented reality technology and more than 100 characters.Add paragraph text here.

InReader -
InReader is an intelligent system that enhances end users’ reading experience. It utilises cloud computing technology with a sophisticated algorithm providing predictive supplementary information during reading. In contrast to the functions of conventional dictionaries, InReader offers an interactive, intelligent and innovative method to improve users’ English comprehension level, ultimately making the learning and knowledge acquisition process a pleasant journey.

LOOK is a platform that connects brands with their potential customers in an interactive way. Integrating NFC (Near Field Communication), cloud and hardware technologies for mass marketing activities and building an IoT Ecosystem, LOOK helps brand owners to achieve a better impression and conversion rate in their marketing campaigns with measureable indicators. It also helps brand owners collect feedback to further improve their products and services.

McTiPSS stands for Mobile Cloud Platform for Tutor-Parent-Student Inter-activities. It provides mobile and cloud-based management solutions for learning centres, tutors, parents and students. McTiPSS is a simple and easy-to-use solution designed for managing tutors and students’ portfolios, evaluation, scheduling, attendance monitoring and payment management. It simplifies the administration work of tutorial centres and helps students and parents monitor learning progress effectively.

Microenergy Development Limited -
Microenergy Development provides efficient biofuel production solutions by utilising microwave-assisted heating technologies.

Biofuel is one of the promising renewable energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels due to its low air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the present batch-mode production with conventional acid or alkali-based transesterification conversion technology requires a large production facility and a considerable amount of energy-consuming and costly heating elements.

Microenergy Development has designed a piece of equipment for local fuel producers to utilise a wide range of waste cooking oils with an integrated continuous-flow production process to produce biodiesel in a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly way.

Mine-Cos -

Mine-Cos is a mobile app that provides cosmetic information by scanning the product barcodes or QR codes. The app collects and compares the ingredients of numerous cosmetic products from different sources, then provides users with the ingredients’ toxicity and regulatory information. It hence helps users build their own skin profile and provides advice on and recommendations for skincare products.

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