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HKSTP-PolyU Tech Incubation Fund (TIF) Scheme announces Year-2015 awardees

We take pleasure to announce the awardees of TIF 2015 as listed below: (in alphabetical order)
Acoustics Innovation Limited
Acoustics Innovation is the inventor and sole seller of SilentUP Retractable Noise Barrier for construction noise control. It is the only high barrier (max height: 10m) in the world that can be installed by people without any machines and does not require a concrete foundation.
Advwhere Limited
Looking for Key Opinion Leaders? Co-founded by digital marketers, data scientists, designers and software developers, Advwhere matches influencers with brands and optimizes the Return on Influence with unique social media analytics to make your campaign more engaging and convincing for your target audiences.
Amazing Trace Technologies Limited
Amazing Trace is a self-guided tour mobile app gamifying the travel experience of the backpackers facilitated by RFID/iBeacon/BLE technology. Tourists can follow other tourists’ trails or leave their own ‘digital footprints’ in Hong Kong for others to follow, which enhances tourists visiting experience with fun elements and also enables easy navigation of Hong Kong landmarks and businesses.
Cognix Limited
Cognix provides portable, self-service cognitive assessment system to any service providers for the elderly including NGOs, elderly centres, elderly housing, rehabilitation centres, clinics, and hospitals. The system can quickly examine elderly’s cognitive states by adopting a novel, clinical validated interactive assessment model.
Control Free Limited
Control Free is a Cloud-based Home Automation System that let you connect all your smart devices in one App and setup in one time. With just 3 steps, a tiny wireless Infrared converter can bring your non-smart device alive to the cloud, enabling centralized interaction through a mobile app.
Creazine Limited
Creazine is a social networking market place in Greater China where participants can easily create a 360-degree product display with the mobile app harnessing the smartphone’s camera and gravity sensor.
Digital Clothing Limited
By utilizing cloud-based computational simulation technologies, Digital Clothing (Hong Kong) Limited provides customized professional services including testing, simulation, consultation, design and evaluation for functional textiles.
Dr Coach Education Technology Limited
Dr Coach - an online homework tutoring platform. Rather than going to the tutoring centre, the students can do their everyday chores everywhere. Dr Coach provides real-time monitoring and tutoring, giving working parents a peace of mind and insightful progress reports.
Functional Material Innovation Limited
Based on patented technologes and market-proven expertise, Functional Material Innovation Ltd (FMI) aims to commercialize a more effective and economical nano-coating method to produce advanced functional fabrics for high performance apparels.
Holumino Limited
Korridor is a motion tracking technology to provide virtual reality experience without wearables as a perfect solution for architecture showcase, exhibition and interactive game. With head tracking real-time 3D rendering technology, we provide an immersive first person view to visualize space and design and enable interaction by gesture.
I Pet Interactive Technology (HK) Co., Limited
P-touch is a smart pet feeder enabling pet owners to interact with their pets with specially designed camera, screen, microphone and speakers. Compared with other smart feeders, P-touch is more user- friendly with natural attraction for the pets and it can also be further developed into a family hub for smart pet care devices.
Inno Frontage Limited
“aT Tempspace” salvages the wasted value and opportunities of temporary vacant commercial spaces in high density cities. Through its innovative mobile application, database and intelligent shopfront, it lists, tracks and matches the supply and demand of vacant commercial spaces. It facilitates these under-utilized spaces to be used by online or offline business to test out new markets and promote their brands in form of offline pop up signs and shows at affordable rent.
Parallax Technologies Limited
Parallax Technologies Limited provides architects, real estate developers and interior designers a powerful marketing tool enabled by virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D rendering technologies. The augmented reality and 3D rendering solutions work together to allow an immersive walk-through experience before the actual real estate is built.
Phi Info(Hong Kong) Limited
UGuide is a brand new concept of meeting college friends. You can meet new friends from your program, course-mates, societies, or even connect in a way you may never think of. It not only introduces new friends to you but also help you developing deeper connections with others. UGuide connects you and me.
PlusD Technology Limited
PlusD 3D camera digitalizes the real 3D world and transmits the 3D data to a smart device through Bluetooth connection. The digital images acquired by PlusD 3D camera can then be vividly shown in the associated app or directly output for 3D printing or virtual reality (VR) applications.
R-Guardian Limited
R-Guardian targets the market of internet of things of personal belongings. As a B2B solution provider to famous brands, R-Guardian provides numerous features including anti-lost, anti-counterfeiting, product usage analysis and advertising channel. We provide tailor-made solutions to help personal belonging brands turn their traditional products into smart ones. Ultimately, R-Guardian will be the leading platform of smart products.
Superluminal Technology Limited
ESUZ is an O2O platform for mobile phone repair industry. Customers can locate repair stores online whereas repair technicians can get nearly everything they need from the platform, including customers, update training, spare parts and repair tools. We have over 20 franchises in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We are also developing a portable inspection machine to evaluate phone damages automatically within minutes to automate the repair process.
Zunosaki Limited
Zunosaki develops a headgear with built-in brainwave technology to help users attain better sleep quality. The product is equipped with EEG sensors which detect brain activities and help users to sleep better with music and LED light to induce mind-relaxation, lucid dreams and help users to wake naturally in the right time to feel energetic. Accessary apps can record and store the EEG activity and other data for sleep quality improvement.
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